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So, What's Wrong With You?

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Imagine being on a first date and your date says: "I don't find you sexually attractive in any way, but I'd like to date you" or “My wife will be home shortly!” Can it get any worse? Well, it just might…

This party and drinking game, featuring 200 things not to say on a first date, pitches players against each other in a hilarious battle of bad lines.

Great for lively game nights, hen nights, pre-drinks, or if you just need something to spark conversation and debate. Perfect for those, who do not like reading complicated rules, or plotting strategy. Suitable for anyone regardless of their gender, relationship status or dating history!

Best played with groups of 3 to 8 people aged 17 and over. Flexible play time. Includes instructions for two simple game modes, but our homepage lists several other ways to play.

Manufactured by Round Corner Games.

Dimensions:  5.5" l x 3.9" w x 1.6" h

Made in China