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Mind Reader: the Family-Friendly Game

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MIND READER is a fun-filled game that’s all about reading minds and predicting answers. Inspired by fortune telling, tarot cards, and Ouija boards, Mind Reader is the Psychic Party Game full of fun for the whole family!
PICK - In this telepathic party game you can pick your partner or pick your topic… but you can’t pick both!
ANSWER - A total of 3 questions are read aloud. Without communicating with one another, players try to match their answers to those of their partner.
SCORE - The more answers that match, the higher the score! 1 match is 1 point, 2 matches are 3 points, 3 matches are 6 points! Are your mental powers strong enough? Will you be crowned 'The Ultimate Mind Reader'? Perfect idea for White Elephant and Secret Santa gift exchange! Our games make great Stocking Stuffers and family gifts for Christmas!
INCLUDES: 200 MIND READER Cards, Answer & Scoring Pads, Mystic Spinner | Ages: 10+ | Players: 3+ | Time: 30 Minutes


• Made in China • Product Language: English