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Legendary Mimic Dice Storage Chest

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  • This dice box mimic is a must have for any fan of Dungeons and dragons, fantasy, tabletop, pathfinder, and all things awesome.And wrapped in foam to ensure safe travel this Mimic Storage Box is the perfect D&D gift.
  • In order to keep this box closed, we placed a metal padlock for reinforcement. It can withstand accidental drops and any sort of tossing about in your backpack or satchel. All content on the inside will be safe.
  • This dice box fits several sets of standard 7 polyhedral dice set with extra room. When it is not opened, it is the same as other boxes. Once you open it, you will definitely shine in this dnd event or mtg event!
  • Made of high-quality resin, precision hand-painted environmentally friendly paints and special layers make it more robust and durable while bright and beautiful. Both beautifully crafted and unique ready to store your metal or resin dice and intimidate your foes.
  • It will be the perfect home for your favorite special set! Throw away that ordinary dice bag, and put your special dice into something you'll love to display and show off. Each one will have its own unique personal Flair special.