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Magical Kitties Save the Day: Wild Ones Expansion Pack

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Far from the towns and cities of the house kitties, in the vast wilderness beyond, live brave kitties without any humans at all! The Wild Ones band together in Prides each with their own territory, led by the wise but mysterious Sage. Together they solve the problems of grouchy wild animals, pesky forest fairies, and even an occasional Bigfoot passing through.

But when a strange trapper intrudes on their territory, it's up to the Wild Ones to rescue their forest friends. They'll need to uncover his hidden secret to save the day!

Instead of having humans whose Problems they need to solve, the Wild Ones have an Obligation and gain Honor by solving Problems that plague their Prides.

These mechanical twists, combined with new adventure recipes for The Mysterious Object, Lost and Found, The Kitty Conflict, Kitties Can Always Help, and Vanquish the Beast unlock all-new ways of playing Magical Kitties Save the Day!

A Magical Kitties Save the Day Hometown expansion.