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Faire - Atlas Games

Magical Kitties Save the Day: Alien Invasion Hometown Expansion Pack

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About this product

The magical kitties in Happy Glade spend their lives like kitties in any other big city suburb. They laze in the sun, chase mysterious red dots, and occasional thwart alien invasions!

That's because aliens from the planet Zelan have infiltrated Happy Glade in disguise. The bug-eyed Zelanoids manipulate and experiment on humans, all to conquer Earth so they can harvest its resources. The only way to save the day is to travel to the alien mothership hiding behind the Moon!

If you're already in the middle of a series, you can easily insert the multi-part series of Alien Invasion adventures into your own hometown.

The series features new mechanical twists and adventure recipes, allowing kitties to befriend aliens, sabotage the alien mothership, make extended checks, and foil Zelanoid plots!

Magical Kitties Role-Playing Game Hometown expansion.